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Ein Freund hat mir erzählt das er zum Muttertag bis nach Stockerau gefahren ist um Spargel zu kaufen. Ich hab ihm dann gesagt das die da im Marchfeld auch Spargel anbauen. Den findet man dann sogar im Internet unter www.spargel-harbich.at. Und die haben sogar den purpur Spargel.
Dieser Freund hat sich dann die Seite angeschaut und war von den Spargelrezepten total begeistert.
Jetzt muß ich wieder ein Jahr warten um in den Genuß seiner Spargelkochkünste zu kommen.

das ding war sogar im linux magazin gelistet. das werde ich mal ausprobieren WIWIWIS- firewall builder story

braucht für den spott nicht zu sorgen.

gibt es jetzt bei sms.at

Das könnte Ebay eine ganze Menge Geld kosten.

As of this moment, we are firmly entrenched in the Age of Reality Entertainment. Whether or not we are at the dénouement of this overwrought phenomenon or merely just turning the page from Preface to Chapter One remains uncertain. But it’s apparent that the influence of reality-based entertainment has nudged, or rather steamrolled, into the Hollywood spotlight, generating heaps of money for TV and film studios and creating an entirely new breed of (faux) celebrity.
A television series like Candid Camera, in the reality business for half a century now, and the mildly engaging ‘80s show Star Search are two examples of just how long reality entertainment has been with us; but only in the past few years (following the lead of MTV’s popular The Real World, which debuted in 1991) has reality-based entertainment flourished as a significant programming tool.
The World Wide Web has, for the most part, been in the reality business for some time, notably in the adult entertainment segment, where the naughty hi-jinks of consenting adults are captured on Web cameras (at sites like VoyeurDorm.com, for example).
With advances in technology (and bold steps forward in creative spirit), the Internet has become a grand stage for reality entertainment; case in point, CuteCouple.com, which functions expressly as a live documentary of life and love on the Web.
Perusing the Website is much like reading a lavishly-illustrated book, a romantic saga where, each day, members can view a new chapter in the real-life story of Ashley and Chris, an insufferably handsome couple bursting with style and originality. Away from the site, Ashley works in advertising and Chris is a freelance Web designer. They are both young (early 20s) and very attractive; with Chris’s perfectly unkempt hair, killer body, and easy charm, and Ashley’s dreamy smile, sexy figure, and All-American Girl style, they would not look out of place in the pages of US Weekly. Casting directors at Fox should be drooling.
With the help of their hard-working Website designer and digital-consultant friend Mike, they’ve built an Internet stage where they play out their relationship for all the world to see.
The nucleus of the site is the five cameras that broadcast live images 24/7 from their house. The site also features daily diaries, "love notes," photo albums, mini-movies, personal news, and interactive chats, among other accouterments.
Launched in June 2000, CuteCouple.com has evolved drastically through the years. The couple initially appeared on a corporate-run "camsite" after responding to an advertisement in the University of Texas student newspaper.
"We used to work for a corporation, and we had no editorial control but so many ideas," explains Ashley in an interview posted on their Website. "When they decided to market us as a sex site, we chose to no longer participate [on the corporate site]. We knew there was a market out there for what everyone now calls ‘reality entertainment.’ So we went for it."
The goal for Ashley, Chris, and Mike was to create and produce a live, uncensored look at the everyday life of a young couple and their experiences with school, work, and relationships. "Even though in a way it was a life-changing event, it really didn’t effect our day-to-day lives much," says Ashley of the adjustment to life in front of the camera. "Apart from being an exciting idea, the only thing that took a while to get used to was the wires for the cams and the computers going everywhere."
Chris says he and Ashley were less worried about the issue of privacy than they had anticipated. "It took a few days to get used to the cams being there when we changed, and a few weeks to get used to the cams being there during personal moments," he says. "You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget the cams are there. They’re just tiny pieces of plastic."
He adds, "There’s no audience there applauding you as you say a great comeback line during an argument, there’s no laugh track, and there’s no score card dinging when you change positions in the bedroom. It’s life, with a seemingly intimidating plastic thing in the corner."
Ashley says it was fun to call up their parents and say, "Go to the guest cam and you can see my new haircut."
Most, if not all, relationships go through various stages of change as a couple gets closer. But what if total strangers are watching and formulate opinions about the couple and their personal life - for entertainment purposes, no less?
"The diaries definitely help us reflect on the events that happen during [a particular] day," says Ashley. "And since we can’t monitor or read each other’s diaries, we have to be honest. If we’re not, the story of our lives won’t make sense. And by being honest, and admitting what truly happened, we’re given the opportunity to judge and analyze ourselves."
For Chris, it’s about not questioning yourself. "It’s as if, by doing this, we are proving to everyone that if we are comfortable enough to broadcast all our normalcies and oddities tto the world, then you can be comfortable with who you are," he says. "We are making a point that every single thing you do or feel is ‘normal,’ and that includes all your own oddities."
But being on camera day in and day out does present its share of troubles, like having to be aware of "unconscious nose picking," according to Chris. "We have to remember to hit ‘Night-Vision’ before we go to bed and when we wake up, and we need to be sure the cams don’t crash."
Ashley notes that often a family member or friend might not be comfortable with the cameras. "That’s kind of a bummer," she says, "because you can’t have them over as often as you’d like."
Because their Website is as much a business venture as it is a passion, Ashley and Chris have been quick to keep pace with the public’s fascination with reality programming. "One of the advertising campaigns we came up with had a phrase that could best explain the appeal: ‘Don’t get caught going through your neighbor’s medicine cabinet... go through ours,’" says Chris. "We’re speaking metaphorically of course, but everyone is curious about everyone else."
Says Ashley: "Documentary-dramas are now the big thing because people have an opportunity to size these people up, relate to these characters, and laugh or cry with them. We truly believe sites like ours are true ‘reality shows,’ rather than all the ‘unscripted dramas’ out there. You don’t have to censor, edit, choreograph, or offer prizes to make life interesting. We’ve proven that."
Chris brings up another perspective. "We offer something for people all over the world to look at from a distance," he says. "If you’re from a foreign country and want to learn about American life, if you’re a guy or girl interested in a how a different couple would act or react in a similar situation, or maybe just a voyeur interested in peeking."
The couple considers their personal diaries, posted on the site, a key element to the overall experience. "They’re pretty in-depth and it’s impossible to not get a pretty vivid picture of our relationship through their reading," says Ashley. "And, like most books, you’re scanning the lines of these diaries and finding yourself getting attached to these two characters. But, unlike most books... these characters are real. And that’s even more attractive."
The twosome marvel at how many other Webcam sites have sprung up. "They keep popping up all over the place, but we hope people are concerned with quality, not quantity," says Ashley. "I think there are very few sites out there that do what we do. There are lots of life cams out there, but not many that feature a relationship, with all the honesty and depth we do."
They both figure the majority of Webcam sites featuring couples are more "pornographic" in style, and are by and large out to make a quick buck. "Fortunately for us, it’s not even competition," says Chris. "It’s just a different product. The hope is that we supply a site that everyone can enjoy without having to hide it from your significant other.
"Sure our site can be sexy, but our site wouldn’t be real if we hid from the cameras when we changed, or turned them off when we made love."
Ashley’s view is that it’s important to show "the whole story. Anything sexy is shown because it happens in real life," she remarks. "You’re just as likely to see us picking a wedgie."
Though they currently have no plans to do so, Ashley and Chris have considered their exit strategy for when the time comes to drop the curtain on CuteCouple.com. "We wish it could go on forever, but the site will definitely come to an end, as most things do," says Chris. "We told ourselves a long time ago that we’d probably do it as long as it allows us to, or until we have kids, whatever comes first. Absolutely nothing about our ‘life plan’ has changed due to the site, but the minute it does is when we have to stop."
So, is a relationship online something Chris and Ashley might recommend to others?
"If a couple was interested in doing it for the idea of doing it and not for the money, we would recommend it," says Chris. "It’s hard to mix business with pleasure, and it may be too much for a couple to pile the stress of running a business on top of the stress a relationship can go through." He says interested couples should make sure they have a solid relationship before getting started.
"Do your research," advises Ashley. "We had no idea what we were getting into. It’s not just ‘plug in your camera, send it to a Website, then go about living your life.’"
She describes the business side of the venture as "overwhelming," from first registering a domain name all the way to paying taxes. "We were lucky to have our friend Mike, savvy in business and an expert with computers, to help us out. We could not have done it alone, so be sure you find people you can trust. You must be willing to put in a lot of time and effort, especially in the beginning."
As a final bit of advice, Ashley says that each relationship is unique, so be sure the product is unique as well. "And above all," she says, "You must always put the relationship ahead of the business."
Cute Couple

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